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group decision making

Whether planning a trip, setting priorities, or making tough choices, Bizy helps you collect input, get buy-in, and make progress.

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How it works

Questions, lists, and polls make it simple to collect input and get buy-in. Much easier than sticky notes on a whiteboard.


Brainstorm together

Great for gathering ideas. Everyone can add to the list from their phone or computer. The list is a shared document with your group.


Vacation destinations


Birthday gift ideas


Decide quickly

Making decisions is easy when the whole team participates. Vote on the best idea anonymously or publicly. Even the shyest member gets a voice.


Vacation duration


Employee satisfaction


Scheduling meeting time slots


Dig deeper

Instant results for streamlined decision making. Use results to take action or dig deeper with follow up questions.


Vacation destinations


Birthday gift ideas


Try an example to get started, but it’s easy to start from scratch too.


Plan a trip

Using these questions makes it easy to decide where to go, how much to spend, and how long to travel. Fun in the sun doesn’t have to take endless emails and text messages.

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Collaborate on a project

Group projects are hard enough. Move through logistics quickly so everyone can get on the same page. From responsibilities to meeting times, getting to an consensus is made easy with lists and polls.

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Gather feedback

Great for increasing transparency and developing a shared understanding with your team. Team members can contribute and participate directly, opening communication.

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Start from scratch

You’re an explorer! Jump into Bizy and take a look aroundβ€”the water’s fine.

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